September 16, 2018

Siri's suggestions are a hit and miss

Yesterday (a saturday) I decided to visit my parents again for the weekend, as I do once in a while. I got into my car, hooked my iPhone up via bluetooth and was ready to go when a notification popped up on my screen which told that it’ll take me 65 minutes to get to my parents. So cool! How did it (aka Siri) know where I wanted to go? For all I know Siri had three options to choose from:

  1. My office
  2. My SO, though I usually go there by train
  3. My parents

I guess Siri ruled out my office because it was a Saturday and / or because when I drive to my parents it’s usually on a saturday. Siri probably ruled out my SO because I rarely drive that 4 hour distance and rather go by train. Or maybe Siri’s on-device machine learning decision making is something completely different. Maybe Siri was even smart enough to check our family’s WhatsApp chat group where I told my mom that I will arrive before 7pm and kindly requested dinner. Anyhow, Siri picked the right choice and I was quite impressed. Ultimately, those are the little things that make me love iOS. The feature itself saves you approximately 7 seconds, but the fact that my phone told me how long it’ll take me to get to where I intended to go without me asking beforehand felt quite futuristic.

Fast-forward to today when I got in my car to go back home. A notification pops up telling me that it’ll take me a little bit over 4 hours to get to my SO. Way to go Siri…