How to make NSCache do its job

written on Oct 20, 2020
Recently, I needed to add caching to one of the iOS apps I’m working on. While researching a few possible ways how to go about this I came across a great article written by John Sundell (a pretty common occurrence when searching for Swift topics on the web, thanks John!). While the basic concept he describes in the article worked quite well for my needs, there was one major problem with the approach: NSCache will drop your objects like hot potatoes as soon as your app gets backgrounded. Continue reading …

TailwindCSS is boosting my web-motivation

written on Mar 20, 2020

When I first started this website I thought I might use it to blog regularly about topics I’m most interested in from a developer’s perspective. As indicated by the huge time gap between my last entry which was some 1.5 years ago and this one, that didn’t go too well. And I might not even publish the one I’m writing right now.

But there are a few factors which made me interested in working on this site again. The most obvious one being that I’m a freelance developer and I need at least some kind of online presence where people can get a feel for what I can do and what I like to do. However, the key factor for my newly discovered interest in reviving my website is that I discovered TailwindCSS , a “utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs”. TailwindCSS is the perfect fit for my trial-and-error-based web design workflow. It let’s me edit specific layout issues right in the DOM (i.e. my hugo HTML template files) without me needing to write my own CSS classes which I always found too tedious. Of course there’s still some custom CSS involved but it pretty much boils down to the elements which are generated from my markdown source files that I need to style separately.

Cherry on top, the documentation for TailwindCSS is superb.

Use Siri Shortcuts for org-capture

written on Sep 18, 2018
If you’re like me and you use the fantastic org-mode and its agenda capibilities to keep track of the things you need to do, you might also be thrilled about the new Shortcuts app, which came along iOS 12. Shortcuts lets you create pretty powerful workflows to save you from performing the same repetitive task over and over again. Think about creating a simple ToDo item in your ToDo list. If you use an app like Apple’s own Notes or Reminders app, or a third party app like Clear, Wunderlist etc. Continue reading …

Siri's suggestions are a hit and miss

written on Sep 18, 2018

Yesterday (a saturday) I decided to visit my parents again for the weekend, as I do once in a while. I got into my car, hooked my iPhone up via bluetooth and was ready to go when a notification popped up on my screen which told that it’ll take me 65 minutes to get to my parents. So cool! How did it (aka Siri) know where I wanted to go? For all I know Siri had three options to choose from:

  1. My office
  2. My SO, though I usually go there by train
  3. My parents

I guess Siri ruled out my office because it was a Saturday and / or because when I drive to my parents it’s usually on a saturday. Siri probably ruled out my SO because I rarely drive that 4 hour distance and rather go by train. Or maybe Siri’s on-device machine learning decision making is something completely different. Maybe Siri was even smart enough to check our family’s WhatsApp chat group where I told my mom that I will arrive before 7pm and kindly requested dinner. Anyhow, Siri picked the right choice and I was quite impressed. Ultimately, those are the little things that make me love iOS. The feature itself saves you approximately 7 seconds, but the fact that my phone told me how long it’ll take me to get to where I intended to go without me asking beforehand felt quite futuristic.

Fast-forward to today when I got in my car to go back home. A notification pops up telling me that it’ll take me a little bit over 4 hours to get to my SO. Way to go Siri…