March 2, 2020

TailwindCSS is boosting my web-motivation

When I first started this website I thought I might use it to blog regularly about topics I’m most interested in from a developer’s perspective. As indicated by the huge time gap between my last entry which was some 1.5 years ago and this one, that didn’t go too well. And I might not even publish the one I’m writing right now.

But there are a few factors which made me interested in working on this site again. The most obvious one being that I’m a freelance developer and I need at least some kind of online presence where people can get a feel for what I can do and what I like to do. However, the key factor for my newly discovered interest in reviving my website is that I discovered TailwindCSS , a “utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs”. TailwindCSS is the perfect fit for my trial-and-error-based web design workflow. It let’s me edit specific layout issues right in the DOM (i.e. my hugo HTML template files) without me needing to write my own CSS classes which I always found too tedious. Of course there’s still some custom CSS involved but it pretty much boils down to the elements which are generated from my markdown source files that I need to style separately.

Cherry on top, the documentation for TailwindCSS is superb.